About Us

Blessed Botanicals was established in 2022 after owners Brittany & Ashton Spink spent many years researching and testing a wide variety of herbal remedies. Brittany was taking courses as part of a pre-med program back in 2019 when she met her husband, Ashton, who was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease. She saw how Western Medicine had failed him, as the antibiotics and numerous pharmaceuticals they prescribed only worsened his condition. Brittany was determined to find a way to help him in his healing journey, and dove head first into researching herbal remedies that could help Ashton to recover. After many years of trial and error, they discovered many powerful remedies that had a great impact on Ashton's health. Now their goal is to share these herbal remedies with others that are struggling to overcome chronic illness so that they too can take their health back.